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1. AB-QR CODE ANTI-COUNTERFEITING SYSTEM. Please click the link as below to verify the product. click here
1. SMOK offers a quality guarantee period of SIX months from date of purchase ('Warranty Period'). 2. This warranty does not cover personal items or consumable goods and attachments. Atomizers, tanks, drip tips, pod and e-liquid are not covered under warranty. 3. This warranty is invalid as result of any of following conditions:
(a).Customer doesn't provide batch No. and original receipt and package of purchase. (b).Merchandise failure or damage is caused due to unauthorized repair. (c).Merchandise failure or damage is caused due to misuse or improper care from consumers. (d).Merchandise inspected to be a counterfeit.
4. Within Warranty Period, we provide free-of-charge replacement of manufacturing defect which has been verified by SMOK. Please keep your purchase of proof and the verification code well in case of needing warranty service.
Authorized Service Providers in the US
Authorized Service Provider for consumers located in the US and Canada *If you are an End-User, please follow below procedure when your device (whatever mod series, stick series or refillable pod system) is under warranty. 1. Print and Fill out the RMA form (Link attached) entirely. RMA form 2. Provide a copy of purchase proof like the original receipt as well as verification code on the product sleeve. 3. Ship the item securely to the following address along with the RMA form and relative proofs. Please do not send accessories for example tank, coil, and glass tube which are not covered under warranty in the package. We will not be liable for missing items
SMOK Warranty Service Center

130 Oak Park Dr.

Suite A

Mooresville, NC 28115

Contact Number:

(704) 696-8900
Service Hours: 9:00am~9:00pm Monday~Friday(Eastern Time)

*If you are an Owner Of Vape Shop, please contact with your distributor for help or email to support@smoktech.com directly. *If you are a Distributor purchased from SMOK directly, please send defective list to your sales representative directly. Once get confirmed, please send all defects to Warranty Center in California for checking.
Warranty Procedure in EU
Please follow below procedure if your device (whatever mod series, stick series or refillable pod system)under 6 months warranty. Replacement devices for customers in the EU are issued via our European Customer Service Center.
In order to get your replacement as soon as possible, we suggest you contact our EU Customer Service Center directly.
The contact information is as below:
Contact Number:

+36 1 7801288(EU)
Service Time: 9am~4pm Monday~Friday (Hungary Time)

Contact Email:

Warm prompt:
If there is any malfunction/issue of your mod/battery, please provide below information if you still have it when you email us: (In order to solve your issue ASAP.) 1.A picture of receipt or purchase proof. 2.A picture of label with QR code A&B, which is on sleeve of product box. 3.A video or picture to show the device malfunction. 4.The country you live in.

Submit a warranty claim
If it is under 6 months warranty, please click link as below to submit warranty claim to get help.

click here

Before you submit warranty claim, you need prepare below materials:
a. a picture of receipt or purchase proof (lack of receipt or purchase proof case will still be handled) b. a picture of anti-fake label
c. a video or pictures to show product issue
Mod Series
This product is intended to be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Important Safety Information and Warnings
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