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NuMicro ISP Programming Tool for H-Priv II V1.0.3 (Not for H-priv! )

Here you can upgrade your H-priv II by the following upgrading tools.


1. You have to hold the fire button all the time during the upgrading.

2. Take out the battery before connecting your H-Priv II with the computer.

3. Please do not use this firm ware to update H-Priv or other models.


1. Factory Micro USB cable (with data transfer function).
2. OS System requirement:Windows XP/7/8/10. (FYI: There is no driver to match Apple Mac OS from the PCB chip vendor.)


H-priv II Upgrade Tool (v1.0.3) (zip)


 1. Open the H-priv II upgrading Tool folder with the programming tool and hex file,open the ISP tool in the arrow

2. Hold the firing button,connect the H-Priv II to the computer(you have to hold the fire button during the upgrading)

3. Click the Connect icon till the "disconnect" icon comes with light and the Connect word turns green.

4. Click APROM icon.

5. Find the hex file in the folder and open it.

6. Please mind that the Congig data in the top arrow should be 00013000,If not 00013000, please click Config icon in the arrow, after the Setting icon will blight, and than click the Setting icon.

7. Click the Date Flash Enable icon in the arrow and than adjust the Size to 52.0KB until the Congig data become 00013000. Than click the "OK" icon.

8. Finally Click the "Star" Icon.

Please mention that you will get a PASS if you have successfully upgraded your H-priv II.