How to Blow O’s and Do Other Vape Tricks

We’ve compiled a pretty comprehensive list of tips and tricks to take your vaping skills up a notch. Read the article and learn the vaping tricks today!

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Why Is My Vape Popping?

It can be intimidating or even a bit scary when you go to take a hit and your vape popping. Even worse, the feeling of the dreaded spit back. Read the article and know why!

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Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

Vape tastes burnt are terrible, and it burns from your tongue all the way down into your lungs. This article will help you figure out why does your vape tastes burn.

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What’s A Drip Tip and How Do I Use One?

One of the simplest designs, though, can drastically improve your vaping experience. This piece is known as the drip tip. Read the article and learn more!

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What is RBA (RTA&RDA) Vaping?

RBA heads work with sub-ohm tanks and clearomizers, taking the place of factory-made coil heads and allowing the vaper to take control over their own builds. Learn more about RBA!

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When and How to Change the Vape Coil

On average, vapers need to change their vape coils every 1-2 weeks. The actual time between coil changes can vary depending on your vape wattage, how often you hit, and even the type of e-juice you’re using.

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What Is Temp Control Vaping?

Limiting the temperature on your vape is an easy way to extend the life of your coil as well as the time you get to enjoy your vaping experience.

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5 Tips for Vape Battery Safety

Regulated vape mods that are battery-powered use 18650s or 20700s that are much more powerful and need to be handled carefully. Here are 5 of our top tips for vape battery safety.

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5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Tank

Tank maintenance is simple: you need to keep it clean! It’s best practice to clean the tank between e-juice flavors or when changing the coil. Plus, it doesn’t take too long!

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Two Main Ingredients of Vaping E-liquid: VG and PG

PG and VG are the two main base components of all e-juices. Check out the article and learn more about VG and PG.

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